Well hey there!

I am Chaos the developer of...meh of Chaos!^^ You probably already know from where I got the bots name soooo I will tell you something about the bot! Well I first started another bot... but that's not important Chaos was the bot I was really working on! When I first started coding it... I... really was new to JavaScript I took some courses so I could learn more about it, I also often had problems with the bot That could be easily solved if I was further on learning js. I firstly wanted Chaos for my own server, cuz I just always saw those other bots like mee6 or dyno And I wanted to have MY OWN moderation bot... My friend "Stan" helped me getting started, he showed me some tutorials and I directly started coding Chaos. But... What's now all this "About"? Well Chaos is mainly for moderation and music, but also for Fun, Nsfw and Image manipulating commands We even added an economy system on our server! Chaos is all the bots I wanted back then combined!(Well im too noob for a dashboard hehehhe) So, if you are still reading... gg dude #nolifegang ;3!